Some of the Rickey Henderson Cards I am looking to purchase.

2012 Topps Triple Threads

Base Set Parallel    /1

Jumbo Plus Relics TTJPR-15   Ruby /1

Jumbo Plus Auto Relic TTLPAR-7   /3

Jumbo Plus Auto Relic TTLPAR-7  Ruby /1

Letter Plus Relic TTLPR-2 Ruby /1

Letter Plus Auto Relic TTLPAR-6 Ruby /1

Triple Threads Legends Relics TTRL-2 Ruby  /1

Flashback Relics TTFR-12 Emerald /18

Flashback Relics TTFR-12 Gold /9

Flashback Relics TTFR-12 Sapphire /3

Flashback Relics TTFR-12 Ruby /1

Relic Combos TTRC-3 Saphire /3

Relic Combos TTRC-3 Ruby /1

Relic Combos TTRC-60 Saphire /3

Unity Relics TTUR-31 Emerald /18

Unity Relics TTUR -32  Gold /9

Unity Relics TTUR-33   Gold /9

Unity Relics TTUR -32 Saphire /3

Unity Relics TTUR-31 Ruby /1

Unity Relics TTUR -32 Ruby /1

Unity Relics TTUR-33 Ruby /1

2011 Topps Triple Threads 

Base Set Parallel #78 Platinum /1
Base Set Parallel #78 Printing Plate /1

Unity Relic Card #28 Gold /9
Unity Relic Card #28 Saphire /3
Unity Relic Card #28 Platinum /1
Unity Relic card #34 Platinum /1

Flashback Relic #TTFR-19 Saphire /3
Flashback Relic #TTFR-19 Platinum /1
Relic Combos #TTRC-55 Platinum /1

Autographed Relics #TTAR-18 Saphire /3
Autographed Relics #TTAR-18 Platinum /1
Autographed Relics #TTAR-18 White Whale Plates /1

Autographed Relic Combo #TTARC-9 Gold /9
Autographed Relic Combo #TTARC-9 Saphire /3
Autographed Relic Combo #TTARC-9 Platinum /1
Autographed Relic Combo #TTARC-9 Wood /1
Autographed Relic Combo #TTARC-9 White Whale Plate /1



2011 Topps Marquee

Acclaimed Impressions Dual

AID-? Varied Serial Numbering – Sticker Autograph

AID-? Patch Parallel #/1

Titanic Threads Patch Relic

TTJP-7 Serial Numbered #/5

Gametime Mementos
Quad Patch Legends Relics
GMQP  Serial Numbered #/25

2011 Topps Tier One

Base Set

Parallel Tier 1 #/1

Top Tier Auto

Parallel Gold #/10

Any other 2011 / 2012 Rickey Henderson Cards.

Feel free to contact me…I’ll make an offer.


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